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Brock Barrigan Music Video Shoot

Back in September I got another chance to work with Dakota Laden, an amazing director and filmmaker from Minnesota. Last time I worked with Dak we shot "Trail To Terror" , an adventure documentary on fear and its affects on people, so after that grueling non stop docu shoot a fun music video full of gun ifghts and animals masks sounded fucking awesome to work on. So my brother Clay and myself loaded up the van with as much camping and lighting gear as we could pack and drove all the way to MN for an epic 5 day music video shoot. The team we worked with was amazing, made up of Executive Producer Aaron Goodwin, Director Dakota Laden and the boys over at cinemanic productions, ourselfs and a handful of kick ass PAs, it wasn't the biggest crew but we made it work, all wearing multiple hats and getting the shoot done. Huge shout out to everyone involved and I cannot wait for the world to see this projects. To 15 more guys!


The Making of

Behind the scenes clip:

Vlogs from the adventure

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