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GH4 vs 70D

Hey guys! So i'm going to just jump right into this review, In coming into this with the following experience, Over the last few years I have ran cameras on 3 feature Length documentaries,3 season of a web series and countless other client and side projects. I have shot on everything from a Sony vx200 to a t3i to a Sony fs100 and everything in between. This review is not going to be based on specs (to an extent) If you want to compare specs just spend time on google and figure out the best

Canon 70D

I got my hands on my 70D in November of 2015, I didn't have a camera for a few months and wanted to grab something affordable to take on some of my video projects as well as get back into photgrphy.

I am a Canon fanboy so I love everything about the menus, colors ergonomics and pretty much everything else. I love it about as much as my first camera, my Canon t3i. That's the problem, the 70D is not much better than a T3i.

Panasonic GH4

Back in 2014 when I originally started pre production for A Brush With Evil, (my first feature length film) I was shooting on a Canon 5dmiii but with all the buzz about the GH4 and 4k I sold the 5D and bought a GH4, rented 3 more and shot A Brush With Evil. I was super unhappy with the low light compared to the 5d. After A Brush With Evil the gh4 sat on a shelf for a year and a half while I did all my work on a Sony FS100. I decided I wanted to sell it so I broke it out to make sure it still worked and I gave it a second chance. Turns out I really like this camera.

The good

The most valuable feature of the GH4 is the 4K. I also love the look to the footage, feels like shooting on something closer to a c100 than a DSLR. The camera was built with video shooters in mind, the camera has everything you would need on a professional video camera, 4k, headphone jack, manual audio control, variable frame rate, built in intervalometer, focus peaking ect,.. The GH4 is loaded with great featurers, but I do have a few things I don't like about it.

The Bad

Coming from a 5D and being used to an A7 and C100 the GH4 is a light hungry camera. Aside from the milky low light footage I really have no complaints about the GH4.


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